Materials for point of sale

We produce posters, leaflets, stickers, flyers and more. Product brochures, catalogs, cubes, Plane-tables. Letterheads, business cards, folders and envelopes. Calendars, notebooks, invitations, cards, vouchers, labels, packaging, gift bags from paper and plastic, and others.

Variety of materials

We offer a variety of paper and paperboard production of printed products. A wide variety of colors and relief density media up to 600 microns.

Offset printing

We offer offset printing press HEIDELBERG® series QUICKMASTER ™ DI 46-4 are fully automated 4-color, sheet, digital printing machine. It exhibits all four printing plates simultaneously on press itself - DI technology. The automatic change of plates in the form cylinders ensure short preparation time: less then 10 minutes. BEST PRICE for 4-color printing for print runs of 100 to 35,000 copies.

Digital printing

Digital press Xerox DocuColor 5000 is available for preparation of various printing products such as flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, postcards, stickers, labels and other full-color promotional materials. The system can automatically duplex printing paper up to 250g / sq.m. Printing format - 480h305mm, which has capacity to accommodate a large number of products of tirage sheet. The resolution printing is 2400h2400 dpi, which provides a more accurate representation of small image details as fine print or vector elements. Uniformity of copies from first to last, without waste paper and marriage without the requirement for a minimum quantity. Opportunity for seamless laminating, thanks to new special toners. Capable of printing on embossed paper and cardboard from 60 to 300 g / sq.m. Possibility of further fine-tune the colors in the last minute and greater accuracy when working with color thanks to the advanced features of RIP-while.

Hot stamping and embossing

Warm print is particularly elegant technology for personalizing and decorating printed materials, promotional materials, packaging and others. Through the newly introduced technology in the past few years we can perform 3D embossing and relief printing mikrogravyura. The combination of warm and embossing adds elegance and effectiveness of the finished product and eye-catching. Foil stamping / embossing / labeling technology is no ink, just by pressing the inscription material with predetermined cliché. Convex embossing is used when the material is thin enough to be squeezed between two plates (folders, business cards, etc.) And concave - when thick enough basic material can carve trace.

Finishing works

23 November 2015 3 comments

We perform almost all finishing after printing, with lamination with all kinds of hot and cold laminate, placing wire caps, corners, corner rounding, cutting, creasing, perforating, gluing and more.

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