Advertising boards

From us you can order different types of boards with different ways to attach different material and design. Plates designed for outdoor use are usually indicative, information boards with standard sizes, made of steel profiles and sheet metal with electrostatic painting. The material is chosen so as to withstand different weather conditions. Signs for construction sites made of steel profiles and sheet metal with electrostatic painting or color, and images of PVC foil or vinyl with full color.

Billboards and banners

We offer wide-format printing on vinyl, vinyl mesh. Finishing services include placing caps and sewing pockets. The maximum width of the media is up to 5m. The length of the media is a maximum of 50 m. Vinyl, vinyl mesh, various types of cloth and canvas. It is recommended that the use of printed vinyl signs when making large advertisements for commercial sites. Signs can have unilateral and bilateral visibility and a metal frame. Banner / banner vinyl / or advertising panel of vinyl is the cheapest and quickest way to utilization of space for outdoor advertising. Can be hung on walls, fences, garages and more.

Illuminated advertising

Show your ideas in the best light. Illuminated advertisements are one of the most effective ways to show your company name or advertising message and therefore they are often used. And the best place - the window of your commercial site, exhibition grounds, malls, your ad will be seen from all angles. The choice is yours - bilateral or trilateral illuminated advertising or elegant light boxes, which are one of the most common advertising solution in outdoor advertising. We offer various and custom neon signs. Face illuminated advertising is the main source of visual communication with the user. Usually made of Plexiglas or vinyl backlight. Image is direct printing of large-format printer or cut from adhesive pvc foil which has a very good color contrast.

Volumetric letters

Today, neon signs and LED led channel letters are synonymous with vision and quality. Volumetric letters and inscriptions become one of the best marketing and branding tool. They represent one of the fastest growing industry to describe. Whether it is indoor or outdoor mall or own shopping center, voluminous letters are often available to identify your site. Standard volumetric letters are three-dimensional graphic element. Their structure is made of sheet material, most often aluminum or stainless steel / stainless steel, since these materials are resistant to atmospheric conditions. Companies, hotels, shops, restaurants, taverns, even sunbeds are frequent customers for channel letters.

Digital outdoor advertising

The spread of digital screens for outdoor advertising, implementation of electronic billboards installed at stops, digital imaging and innovative ways to display ads in locations with high traffic. The time between the announcement of the electronic billboard and the actual event is shorter.

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