Laser engraving

Engraving is contour and raster images on all types of materials: leather, paper, tracing paper, cardboard, wood, plastics, glass, rubber, stone, marble, some metals and anodized surfaces. Made laser engraved plaques, memorabilia, mugs, stamps and more. To perform custom orders.


In order to avoid misunderstandings, require compliance with these rules in laser engraving and cutting. For the execution of any order quality and within the agreed period, the Customer is required to provide us with samples of the materials for making samples. Minimum quantity supplied samples - 1. Our company is not responsible for damaged items to the customer at no developed and approved samples. Technological waste - about 1%.

Execution time

Term for execution depends on their volume. Period from the date of confirmation of the order by the Client and upon payment of 50% of the value. Perform the following services: - Express - up to 1 day; - FAST - within 2 working days; - NORMAL - depending on the workload.

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