If the "terms" car branding (car branding), car wrapping (partial or complete sticking or dressing cars with foil), vinylstyling, to application, customization, optical, visual or soft tuning, redesign, plotters and printed car or cast foil and without laminate. We deal with design, fabrication and installation of decorations made of PVC foil on all vehicles, known mostly as car branding (car branding), putting on cars with foil or car raping (car wrapping), covered with foil and etc. Various terms generally mean the same thing, but there are, of course, some significant differences. We will not hide that our favorites are exactly those last - optical, graphic or artistic personalization through unique original vision created for specific model specific color and the particular owner of the car. Of course, the film on the car could have been used as protection of paint on the interior of the autumn-winter season and aggressive external influences. But everything starts from your desire to have a variety.

Materials and Technologies

Self-adhesive vinyl (PVC) films have a wide range of use. The use of ready-colored car foils cut plotter and combined with each other. This technology is somewhat limited creative possibilities of studio branding. This is a classic case in branding car - cutting of labels or elements of the color film and direct installation on the vehicle. Depending on the complexity of the curves and durability are used polymer foils or cast. Partial or full dress imprinted with car on special film photorealistic images with high resolution + lamination. On film can bring various images through high-quality format solvent or latex inkjet printing. Used in both traditional branding (with image or product end) and in customizing cars - visual tuning, artdekorirane etc. This suggests "dressing" of larger areas of the car with the corresponding image. This option is more expensive for several reasons: the quality of the film must be no compromise (cast film at least mid-price range), high-resolution printing, lamination of the final printed image and depending on the project - cutting contour.

Vinyl with special effects and textures

Automotive films with special effects and textures - chameleon carbon, metallic, matte variants of different colors ... These are films whose partially laying on separate parts (elements) of the body creates specific and characteristic look of the car, giving it genuine individuality. It can be emphasized optically separate external detail of the car - the side mirrors, hood (or part thereof) some details on fenders or other characteristic moments of the design of the car. This is the so-called redesign, optical or visual tuning. Films from this segment and can completely change the color of the car or to checkmate. The important thing is that it all happens much faster and cheaper than traditional painting technology. And another thing - at any moment the film can be dismantled without damaging the original lacquer finish and return to the previous view of the car.

Transparent protective vinyl

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In the course of its operation compartment of your car is constantly subjected to the effects of Foreign environment that is often quite aggressive - the quality of roads, weather conditions, poor car care, vandalism ... Over time, the original color of your car was darkened, elbow checkmate, appear minor scratches and other injuries to paint. To save for longer factory-state coverage of the car will help laminating the whole coupe or of its individual elements, which constitute a "dressing" special high-tech transparent protective film. You can purchase special cutting according to the particular model of your car - a full or partial avtolaminirane.

Applying plotter vinyl

Prices from 45 lev / sq.m. / does not include VAT and project /. In the most general case, it is a way of decorating, which deals with special colored foils expression plotter - signs, logos, other decorative elements. Prepare thus foil is mounted directly on a pre-cleaned surface of the car through the techniques "dry" or "wet" bonding, depending on the size of the elements relief car (2D or 3D curves) and, of course, the type of itself foil . As a rule, the car is decorated on all sides. This method is relatively inexpensive, especially because there is no full-color high-resolution printing on film and subsequent lamination of the printed image, ie It saves on printing and lamination.

Decorating with special structural vinyls

Custom (optical tuning) - decorated with a special structure foil - fully or partially - from 100 lev / sq.m. / Does not include VAT and project /. This type of decoration offers a very wide range of options - from "dressing" of one or more small piece to "complete change" color by fully packing the car with foil with a certain structure or color. In recent years, it is quite widespread "sandblasting" of certain elements or the entire car. In this case can be used as matte foil color of the car and contrasting option - for example, white / red / orange car with black matte hood, etc. No less interesting is the emphasis on certain characteristic details of the exterior foil type "carbon" (2D - printed or 3D - relief / structural). World and partly Bulgarian practice in car wrapping-and give quite extravagant options - such as "gold plating" and "chrome" of the cabin. Very good results give and metallic variants of the cast films of the leading companies and those with effect "scratched metal."

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